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Hartmann International Sports Injury Clinic Performance Workshops, Winter 2014/Spring2015

This unique opportunity will give an insight into the training methods of the greatest athletes in the world as prescribed by world renowned physical therapist Gerard Hartmann over the last 25 years.

Hartmann honoured with University of Limerick Sports Hall of Fame Award

Gerard Hartmann was inducted on the 28th September 2013 into the University of Limerick's inaugural Sports Hall of Fame.

London Olympics 2012

Gallery from the London Olympics 2012

London Calling Lisa Norden

Lisa Norden didn't have a greatest start to her 2011 season when injury kept her out of the results and eventually out of the game. Sensibly, she stook time time off and recovered properly.

Born to Perform - Athletics Weekly Article

Gerard Hartmann's new autobiography tells the story of how he became one of the world's most sought-after sports injury specialists, writes Jason Henderson, 2011

Born to Perform - Book Reviews

Review by John O’Sullivan

Interviews/Media Clips

Television/Radio Interviews with Gerard Hartmann and various athletes and players treated in Hartmann International Sports Injury Clinic.

Born to Perform

Since 1991 Gerard Hartmann has worked as a physical therapist with many of the world’s greatest athletes, including Sonia O’Sullivan, Kelly Holmes and Paula Radcliffe, as well as with a number of Irish rugby, athletic and GAA stars.

Hartmann International Sports Injury Clinic announce their new Partnership with adidas

Hartmann International Sports Injury Clinic has recently become partners with adidas Ireland which sees the collaboration of two unique brands.

The Hartmann Collection

Hartmann Collectionn is a work of art

Sports injury guru Gerard Hartmann has opened a clinic and museum that showcases Irish athletics in spectacular fashion ahead of the 2012 Olympics. Jason Henderson, Athletics Weekly

Hartmann's hands reach into Kenya

Gerard Hartmann, the Irish physical therapist with the Midas touch when it comes to treating sports injuries, has set up a new clinic in Kenya. 2010

Opening of a new branch of clinic in Kenya

Gerard Hartmann and Hartmann-International Sports Injury Clinic have had a relationship with elite Kenyan athletes that spans two decades. The list of Kenyan Olympic medallists, world record holders and world champions who have been treated, coached, rehabilitated and mentored back to winning performances on the world athletics stage by Gerard Hartmann reads like a roll of honour.

Nike Free

Nike Free Global Media Launch & EMEA Media Event Downloads


An article on Gerard Hartmann in Physiopraxis, a German Physiotheraphy Magazine, 2011

A physical Therapy Approach

A physical Therapy Approach to Grade I/II Biceps Femoris Injury in the Elite Athlete

Injury Treatment, Prevention, Performance Systems

Nike Seminar, Amsterdam May 2004

Visiting Haile's Addis

Gerard Hartmann recently took his famed ability as a physical therapist to the Great Ethiopian Run in Addis Ababa. Here, his colleague Ger Keane tells the story of a trip that involved Paula Radcliffe, Tirunesh Dibaba and, of course, Haile Gebrselassie. 2009

Into Africa

Physical therapists Gerard Hartmann and Ger Keane visited Kenya on the eve of Beijing Olympics to work with Lornah Kiplagat. This is their fascinating story. 2008


First published in Irish Runner Magazine 1998
What you should know

Peaking Past Forty

First published in Irish Runner Magazine 2000
There are ways and means to stay fast and strong into and well beyond middle-age, as athlete and physical therapist Gerard Hartmann explains.

Stress Fractures

First published in Irish Runner magazine
Before the running revolution of the 1970's, stress fractures had a not so popular association within the military, where 'march fractures', as they were termed, occurred most commonly in new army recruits recently introduced to marching.

Hope on a rope

First published in Irish Runner magazine
The year was 1990; I was on a practicum placement at the University of Florida, working in the training room treating members of the swimming and track teams.

Shannon Trail

For most of us the odds are a million to one against encountering, during our daily ten-miler, one of the great Kenyans or Ethiopians or Moroccans. But for those fortunate enough to live in or near Limerick and run regularly on the Shannon's leafy banks the same odds shorten dramatically.

International Performance in Sport Conference

Sept 2006 Newcastle Upon Tyne  

The Irish Midas

Published in Athletics Weekly Magazine UK 1999
For injured world athletics stars all roads lead to Gerard Hartmann, the Irish physical therapist, a man with a golden touch. When elite athletes are struck down by injury he is the one they all want to see. What is the magical formula of the man they all put their faith in? JASON HENDERSON travelled to his clinic, in Limerick, Ireland, to find out.